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  • Do Not Resuscitate Orders

    Walnut Creek estate planning lawyerDo not resuscitate orders, or DNRs, are often part of living wills, but can also be used separately. The purpose of the DNR is to ensure that a patient does not receive extraordinary treatment to save his life beyond that which he would want should he become incapacitated and unable to articulate with sound mind his wishes. A Walnut Creek estate planning lawyer can help you write a legally sound DNR.

    A Walnut Creek Estate Planning Lawyer Explains How a DNR Is Executed

    When you sit down to write a do-not-resuscitate order, it must be in accordance with California law. Your Walnut Creek estate planning attorney can help you obtain the correct form. The DNR contains a physician statement which indicates that the doctor directs that certain specific treatments be withheld. Among the most common of these resuscitations that are named are:

    • Cardiac compression
    • Defibrillation
    • Artificial Ventilation
    • Endotracheal Intubation

    As mentioned, the DNR can be a part of the living will. However, a DNR can be executed after a patient becomes incapacitated. This is not true of living wills.

    When the DNR is executed, it must be signed by a responsible party. This is usually the court-appointed guardian or healthcare surrogate, but it can also be the physician or the patient himself if he is not incapacitated. It should be noted that if a paramedic team is called, they will administer resuscitation unless the DNR is presented to them as evidence of the patient’s final wishes.

    We Can Help You Create a DNR

    If you would like to write a do-not-resuscitate order or need assistance with any other estate matter, a Walnut Creek estate planning lawyer can help. Keep in mind that estate planning is very important, and it must be done properly in order for beneficiaries to avoid probate costs and hold-ups later. Call David B. Pastor today to arrange a consultation at 925-932-3346.

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