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  • Matt, A DUI Client, Thanks David Pastor

    He actually listened to my circumstances and told me frankly what he thought.

    I highly recommend attorney David Pastor for DUI defense work. He negotiated a great deal for my rather complex multiple DUI situation. I don’t think any of the “big name”, heavily advertised attorneys could have gotten me the same deal. David could because of his many years of experience, not just with DUI cases, but with all the players in this area. He has formed relationships with the key people involved – the judges and prosecutors – which allowed him to negotiate the best possible outcome for me. David gives a free initial consultation, which I was a little skeptical of, thinking it might be just another salespitch, but at a greater expense to my time. It turned out he was a real straight-shooter. He didn’t try to scare me into hiring him with worst case scenarios, nor did he sugarcoat anything. He actually listened to my circumstances and told me frankly what he thought. His character really became evident, though, when he came to his fee. First, it was a good amount lower than the lawyers that heavily advertise. More importantly, he broke it down into two parts – one larger one to cover the court/legal side of the cases and another to cover the DMV’s “administrative per se” hearing – then proceeded to tell me that in my situation, it would be a waste of my money for him to cover the DMV hearing. Imagine! Incredible result, low cost, very accessible and straightforward – I really can’t recommend David highly enough.
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