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  • Working with Attorneys in Walnut Creek, California

    Walnut Creek Criminal AttorneyWhy Walnut Creek Law Firms Have an Advantage in Local Cases

    When you are learning about attorneys in Walnut Creek or Contra Costa County for your local legal needs, you may run across some who refer you to other attorneys or you may meet people who recommend an attorney who is licensed in California, but usually works in another county. These other Walnut Creek law firms may often be valuable in some instances, but, if your case arises locally, you are as a rule better off with a local attorney.

    Leveraging the Local Advantage in Your Criminal Defense Case

    David B. Pastor has been an lawyer in Walnut Creek for over 30 years and has worked with many different people in different capacities. He has earned the respect of judges, opposing attorneys, expert witnesses, court personnel, and police officers & police records staff. These relationships allow him a competitive advantage in the courtroom that still sustains and honors ethical argumentation on behalf of clients. Mr. Pastor's local connections aren't about pulling strings they're about understanding how things work locally and knowing enough general local background information to make sure his clients are protected. The advantages are clear:
      • Mr. Pastor's office is convenient to Contra Costa County residents.
      • He knows the local judges and can anticipate how to convince them when possible.
      • He knows opposing counsel and prosecutors, and knows how they argue.
      • He knows the local neighborhoods, roads, and businesses, so he can think of unique characteristics that may help in criminal defense.
      • He knows the police precincts, records departments, and officers, so he can make sure he does the best work he can with evidence and witnesses.

    Call our Walnut Creek Legal Office 925-932-3346 or complete the web contact form to speak to David Pastor directly.